The Inova 38 cap by Betapack, now for liquid yoghurts

The Inova family of tethered caps by Betapack has recently been expanded with a new format: the Inova 38 cap for drinking yoghurts.

A cap that offers manufacturers of these types of yoghurts maximum advantages, as it enables effective protection of bottled dairy drinks thanks to its perfect closure, offers consumers greater convenience of use thanks to its 220 degree opening and, above all, makes it possible for companies to achieve their sustainability goals, saving plastic in the container’s manufacture and helping consumers to protect the environment, as from now on the containers will be recycled with a single gesture (bottle+cap at the same time).

Yoplait, one of the biggest manufacturers of drinking yoghurts worldwide is one of the brands that has already trusted in our products and uses the Inova 38 cap to protect its yoghurts and facilitate recycling for its customers.

Betapack is thus ahead of the new 2019/904 SUP European regulation (EN 17665:2022 standard) offering the first large-format tethered caps on bottle necks. Move ahead with us and uncap a better world.

Inova 38 – The perfect cap for custards and cooking creams

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