We open up a better future for them

Preventing caps from ending up in the sea, protecting marine species, using more sustainable materials, saving thousands of tonnes of plastic per year… This is Betapack's sustainable commitment

The design of our caps saves up to 10,000 tonnes of plastic per year, as a result of our commitment to protect the environment

Actively searching for more sustainable materials

The development of more sustainable plastic materials is a major technological challenge, only within reach of the large petrochemical companies that supply our raw materials to us.

In this active search for new materials, we work in close collaboration with our suppliers, carrying out tests in our laboratories that make it possible to determine whether these new materials can be injected under the same conditions, so that (based on our results) the supplier can adapt their formula or manufacturing process.

Likewise, and when required by circumstances, our R&D department designs new cap models perfectly adapted to the features of these new, more sustainable materials… whether they are plastics of BIO origin or recycled (when the packaged product, or the client it is destined for, allow it).

The caps from the Inova and Snap Clip Pelican family are an example of sustainability and savings, and have even received awards


Oscar de l'emballage 2021

Snap Clic Pelican

European Packthefuture Award 2018

Looking into innovation