Our principles are our goals

These are our cornerstone values


To seek the maximum satisfaction of our clients through the design and manufacture of high-quality products with innovative features, respecting the environment and collaborating in the sustainable development of our surroundings.


To persistently propose, apply and manage continuous improvement, always seeking “zero defects”. To include our clients and suppliers in this dynamic, as a way to obtain mutual benefit and guarantee a long-lasting relationship.


To train and motivate our workforce, as the only way to maintain the highest standards of quality and innovation.

And this is our code of ethics

This Code of Ethics determines the business conduct principles and values that BETAPACK, S.A.U is governed by, and establishes a public commitment to their fulfilment.

The following principles that encompass social, environmental and fair business practices constitute the rules of business conduct applicable to all BETAPACK, S.A.U staff, from Management to employees.

And as a sign of the importance that Betapack attaches to these principles, it is registered on the SEDEX platform and regularly audited under the SMETA 4 pillars.